Shape of you

Being an Indie — Indian Pariah Dog, Bailey did not have any standard age-weight chart I could use to gauge her health and growth.

What is BCS:

The 5-point and 9-point BCS scales. Original artwork- Pressure Kukur.

How to assign a Body Condition Score:

Refer to the descriptions below to understand what each point on the 5-point and 9-point BCS scales means. Original artwork- Pressure Kukur.

Uses of BCS:

Some dog breeds are naturally skinny or have a high fat percentage and/or lots of fur. Body Condition Score should be read along with body fat percentage for such dogs. Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash



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Pressure Kukur

Pressure Kukur


A blog to take the Pressure out of all things Kukur. Taking care of your dog doesn't need to be stressful!